Natural Flavoured Concentrates

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Natural Flavoured Concentrates

We are very proud to offer our own range of Natural Flavoured Concentrates. You will not be able to source this on any other Vape Shop. Exclusivity Guaranteed!


Natural Flavoured Concentrates are a simple way to add richness and depth of flavour to whatever you’re cooking. Use them in almost any dish that uses oils, butter, booze or wine. Take your favourite junk food recipes and beefy them up with some flavourful fat bombs!

Natural Flavoured Concentrates for DIY E-Juice

Nature’s Flavoured Concentrates are the perfect choice for anyone looking to transition from traditional smoking to vaporization. Or if eating is more of your thing, you’ll love that they’re great in meals and desserts with a fantastic sweet or savoury flavour.
Natural Flavour Concentrates come with a warning label advising against breathing it in the vapour form because there is no tar involved, but it tastes so good! They offer multifunctional use- ranging from flavouring sauces and marinades to infusing spirits. Aroma simply doesn’t get any better than this!

Tired of smelling your kitchen after cooking or eating certain dishes? Fill the air with any variety of delicious aromas with Natural Flavoured Concentrates. These concentrates are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and contain nothing unnatural that could harm you or others around you. Use these flavourings in any size dish while cooking or just to improve your home’s aroma while it is being cleaned. Choose from a wide variety of flavours for every occasion! Caramelize your desserts with Madagascar Vanilla Caramels? Make beer-battered fish tacos taste better by adding Ghost Chili Malt Vinegar? Translate Jamaican Jerk into vegetarian cuisine by adding Lemon Ginger Curry paste? The possibilities are limitless!

Natural Flavoured Concentrates

We are very proud to offer our own range of Natural Flavoured Concentrates. You will not be able to source this on any other Vape Shop. Exclusivity Guaranteed!

(100% PG based)

These products are Natural Concentrated Flavourings, manufactured for foodstuffs, and as such comply with all current UK and EEC legislation.

These flavourings are multi use and others have used them to flavour E-Liquid

All are Diacetyl Free!

However, as always…

It is the user’s responsibility to complete their own research to determine safe uses outside of “home baking”.
By purchasing this product, the user accepts all liability for any loss, injury, damage or expense resulting from any use of this product other than in “home baking”.

Produced in the UK and bottled in our own Sterile Laboratory

Click to see our “Natural & Organic Flavourings Specification Sheet

We have a guide “Making your first E-Liquid” available HERE

To get the best flavour depth and intensity from this Natural Range of Essences, we recommend steeping, once made up, for at least 14 days, some (like liquorice) take a little longer to develop their strength and depth of flavour!

Alchemists tip;-
“try the rhubarb & the custard flavour” it is very nice (if we say so ourselves).

And, if you make tobacco flavours – just 1 x drop of woodsmoke in 10ml of any tobacco e-liquid mix, it adds a “rich smoke flavour”

If you are having some trouble understanding YOUR  mix, please feel free to contact us or download EJUCIEMEUP

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Apple, Aniseed, Bakewell Fizz, Banana, Biscoffi, Black Berry, Blackcurrant, Black cherry, Black Grape, Blueberry, Brandy, Bubblegum, Cashew, Champagne, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange, Coconut, Coffee, Cola, Elderflower, Fig, Forest Fruits, Gin, Gooseberry, Green Apple, Green Tea, Hazelnut, Honey, Irish Coffee, Kirsh, Lemon, Lemon & Elderflower, Lime, Liquorice, Mango, Maple, Melon, Orange, Passion Fruit, Peach, Peach Bellini, Peanut Butter, Pear, Pecan, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit, Pistachio, Plum, Pomegranate, Prosecco, Raspberry, Red Cherry, Rhubarb, Rose, Rum, Sarsaparilla, Strawberry, Treacle, Vanilla Custard, Violet, Watermelon, Walnut, Whisky, Woodsmoke

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10ml, 30ml, 100ml

24 reviews for Natural Flavoured Concentrates

  1. mikelaine67

    We are absolutely blown away by this range of concs the black cherry is now a deep dark purpley hue the forest fruits slightly lighter AMAZING flavours took the advice left them to steep a few months and now we are happy campers Thx V much 🙂

  2. Serge

    My favourite flavours. Each one I’ve had has been incredibly true to taste. Originally drawn to these flavours for the more English type fruits it offers. To many American sweetened flavours around, these offer real English flavours that taste exactly as they should. Highly recommended

  3. Gloria

    Great selection of flavours, each of the ones I’ve tried have been very close to the real taste you would get from the real thing. Blueberry is out of this world, as is the gooseberry. Elderflower and rose were also very good and not perfume like in the slightest. Originally drawn to these as they’re more traditional flavours. Not over sweetened. Not the cheapest but Very high quality.

  4. Richard bell

    The best flavourings I have EVER tried!
    So true and real, the strawberry is the freshest I have EVER tasted!
    Made me go buy some strawberrys to compare, I’m blown away with how real it tastes in comparison!
    Can’t wait to try some other flavours from the collection!

  5. Bob Quinn

    Superb quality and amazing real flavours!
    The strawberry is out of this world! Just ordered 100ml to mix and steep! Can’t wait to try the apricot!

  6. Ivan

    I’m sure these guys use a few of these in there own juices, all the ones I’ve tried are of great quality, very true to taste, more suited to my tastes as its not full of over sweetened flavours like most ranges, also boasts flavours that can not be found else where. These liquids offer a qualityto my juices that I’ve yet to find from other flavourings. The best in my opinion although I also think they take a little longer to reach their full potentional, but for quality of flavour it’s worth the extra week or twos wait.

  7. Adam Wright

    My favourite flavourings and I’ve tried loads over the last few years, each and everyone is so brilliantly true to taste. In my opinion, they’re the best flavourings out there!

  8. Nicky Rodgers

    Wonderful selection, great quality. The best flavours I’ve come across yet.

  9. Caroline Helay

    Such true replication. the best flavorings i have tried to date, some real English flavours that we just dont get from the american suppliers.

  10. Susan

    These are my favourite flavours and I buy them time and time again.

    The fruits are as you would expect them to be, they make such a refreshing change from over sweetened fruit flavours from the American brands. 5* products and service

  11. Pauline

    Great flavourings, Everything i have made has been fantastic, full of flavour and i have enjoyed vaping it. Better than other brands of concentrates out there by a long shot.

  12. Donna W

    Fantastic. These natural flavors do really offer the best versions of flavors. Had 60% of these flavors (as some just do not appeal to me) but all of the fruits are 10 x better than those of Capella, Perfumers, FlavorWest ect that i have tried previously, in my opinion. Its not about the strength of a flavour and using 2% like some brands, its the characteristics of the flavour getting exactly the flavour i require, and these are the only flavorings that have succeeded for my personal preferences. I love that they are more English type interpretation of flavors opposed to the sweet US versions. 10/10

  13. Shane Cudrow

    Brilliant. Was blown away at how good these flavours are. Real flavours not sweetened.

  14. Lee8

    Some of the best flavourings around for DIY vape liquid. Flavours that taste the way you expect the real thing to taste.

  15. James G

    Easily the most natural and best tasting flavourings to make E-Liquid with. The English type fruit flavours are fantastic, as are the diverse flavours from the range. Wouldn’t use any other flavourings for my liquids. 5*

  16. Stuart_111

    Without doubt some of the best flavourings around for making DIY E-Liquids. The coffee flavour being my favourite, honestly tastes just like fresh ground coffee. The strawberry flavour is the most realistic i have tasted, and the cola is on another level. while i do use other brands, its not often these aren’t included in one of my mixes.

  17. James

    This is a great range if you like to vape boozy flavours. The whiskey is out of this world, tastes just like a quality scotch. Brandy, Rum and Gin are also very good, with the latter working well with fruits (for the wife)

  18. Stuart

    These flavours never fail to disappoint, the fruits are some of the best i have had, as true to the real thing as i have come. Apple, Strawberry, Forrest fruits, Mango, Lemon are all spectacular and great on their own or in mixes, some other gems such as Pistachio, Honey, Coffee work great and have transformed other older recipes i have.

  19. Gareth

    Great flavourings for mixing DIY e-liquid with. Tried other brands but the fruits are so full of sweetener that its distracts from the flavour. These are natural tasting, the Apple is incredible and used in so many of my recipes. Would highly recommend

  20. Scott Mathers

    Brilliant flavours for making DIY e-liquids with. Very fond of the blackcurrant flavour and is used in most of my mixes.

  21. Liz

    If you are wanting, non sweetened, traditional english style flavours, you wont find any better than these. 5*

  22. Michelle

    My prefered concentrates for mixing my own vape liquids with. Some great flavours in this collection. 5*

  23. Tim

    The strawberry in this range is the best i have had from anywhere. Beats capella and tfa by a mile. Such a brilliant true replication of a real strawberry flavour. 5*

  24. Gloria

    Recently tried these flavours after buying a couple of months back. First impressions was they we’re OK, had read they need longer to steep due to being non-synthetic, so was prepared for this and made them up as normal. Left them 4-5 weeks before i had a dabble and it was like a different juice. The fruit flavours i got are exactly what i was looking for, a real garden freshly picked type flavour. Not laden with sweetener like a lot of flavourings and more importantly not candy style, just good honest fruit flavour. I will just say you need if you have read this and are contemplating buying, ensure you order the Apple. It’s fresh like it fell off a tree 30mins ago. The blackcurrant and Strawberry are also very special. 5*

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