Mango Raspberry Ice Cream Nicotine Salts


 To make things even sweeter, raspberry brings a little bit of tartness to this dessert vape juice leaving your mouth watering with every spoonful. If you’re looking for a summertime vape that is both refreshing and flavorful, try Mango Raspberry Ice Cream Nicotine Salts today!

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Mango Raspberry Ice Cream Nicotine Salts by Double Drip bottles the taste of juicy mango and tart raspberries heaped with a generous scoop of indulgent vanilla ice cream. Rich, Creamy and endlessly sweet. This is a delicious vape brimming with flavour.

Who doesn’t love the taste of fruity frozen desserts? Now you can get that same luscious, mango raspberry taste with Mango Raspberry Ice Cream Nicotine! Lick your lips and satisfy that sweet tooth without ever touching sugar or dairy. You’ll feel more satisfied by changing up your usual routine than you would with any so-called healthy dessert.

Verdant Vapors is all about inspiring healthier living one puff at a time. That’s why we created this decadent flavor of vaping e-juice made only of natural ingredients, for people who want to stop or cut down on their smoking habit without sacrificing flavors they enjoy.


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