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TFA Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavour Concentrate is a mouth-watering flavour, ideal for cereal vapes.

TFA Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a refreshing and spring-time reminiscent flavour, perfect for all those who had cereal as kids and want to reminisce some favourite memories. If you need something more exotic try TFA’s Strawberry Cheesecake flavour.

How to make vape juice with TFA Lucky leprechaun Cereal flavour?

Wait, you don’t want to unwrap your Lucky Leprechaun every day? Or make rainbow Rice Krispies treats for breakfast? Well, now you’re in luck! Introducing TFA’s Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavour Concentrate. One of the purest and most versatile flavours available- it paints with a brush that can cross all sorts of flavour boundaries. Add it to cake batter, ice cream or simple syrup. It works wonders as a mouthwatering additive on just about anything savoury from popcorn chicken to soap bars! Trust us- you’ll go mad!
Earlier this month apple vendors have been going crazy about their store being full of this luscious green liquid bite right out of the leaves

For TFA Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavor Concentrate Flavouring lovers. If you’re looking for a flavour that will treat your taste buds to the perfect balance of crunchy and sweet, we’ve got just the thing: our TFA Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring. With one easy addition, it turns any e-liquid recipe into Cookie Crisp cereal vape juice goodness.
If you want to make smoke or food recipes more appetizing, whip up some luck with TFA Lucky Leprachaun Cereal Flavor Concentrate Flavours Mixture’s wonderfully alluring scent and rich flavour profile for an easy but unforgettable dessert experience.


A tasky all-around marshmallow cereal Flavour.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene glycol

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