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Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Concentrate (uk) is a Sour lemon cream topped with a melting meringue, coated in a fine shortcrust pastry.

This is the ORIGINAL Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Concentrate, NOW Manufactured in the UK,

Mix at 20-25% – Steep for 7 days –

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Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Concentrate (UK) is a Sour lemony-cream topped with a melting meringue, coated in a fine shortcrust pastry. Highly considered to be one of the all time greats.

This is the ORIGINAL Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Concentrate, NOW Manufactured in the UK,

Mix at 20-25% – Steep for 7 days

Dinner Lady are one of the biggest names in Vaping. Made in the UK. Their ranges span from authentic tasting dessert e-liquids all the way to fruit and ice medleys, for a sweet and cool vape.

Whether you are using a sub ohm vape kit, or a smaller mouth to lung set up, there is an option for you.

As Dinner Lady are not only available as E-Liquids, They are now available in One-Shot Concentrates for the Home-Mixer to use, only from The Alchemists Cupboard.

Also available in a full Kit HERE


Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

Additional Information

  • This is a concentrated flavouring. Created for you to mix into a DIY e-liquid.
  • PLEASE DO NOT vape it without diluting it first.
  • We recommend mixing Dinner Lady Concentrate at 20% initially, then adjusting to your personal taste thereafter.
  • All of the Dinner Lady concentrates we stock are PG based.
  • There can be noticeable colour differences between batches of the same flavour.
  • This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from other foodstuffs, children or pets.
  • Made in the UK.

Additional information

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31 reviews for Lemon Tart Dinner Lady Concentrate UK

  1. James Whitehouse

    YES YES YES! Even straight off the mixing table you can tell the class. Mixed at 20%. Mixed last night and this morning i have had a sneaky tank already and its just like the original. Got 3 bottles, steeping 2 combined and having this bottle through the steeping period. Initially you get that whack of distinguished lemon meringue dinner lady taste then the after taste of pastry. So happy with myself right now. I’ve finally mixed Lemon tart (as he takes another deep drag) ahhhhhh perfection!

  2. Gavin

    Fantastic stuff, every bit as good as the more expensive shop bought stuff. 5*

  3. Dean Shaw

    Absolutely delicious. I can not fault it one bit. 5*

  4. Christopher Phillips

    This is definitely worth trying. It is a strong but very pleasant flavour, it’s mind blowing how similar it smells and tastes like a real Lemon Tart pie.
    Mixed at 25% – Review is 10 days after mixing. Got a feeling there is more to come with a longer steep. 5*

  5. Antony

    Leave it for 2 weeks when you make it and it’ll be as good as the pre made. 150ml would cost the best part of £40 in the shop, i mixed this for under £20, better than half price.

  6. Robbie Shaw

    Just as i remember the original pre TPD being, full on lemon meringue with a pastry, the TPD version was never as good, but this is like the original flavour. roll on pay day so i can stock up. 5*

  7. Eddie

    I haven’t had this juice for a while, but i have fallen back in love with it, perfect lemon pastry combination for me and so real. Since ive made this bottle i can not get enough of it. Just ordered 5 more as noticed its getting low in stock.

  8. T.Lloyd

    Every-bit as good as i was hoping after a full 4 week steep. It’s like the original version, full of tart lemon, smooth meringue and that fine fine pastry finish. It’s a flavour i will keep fully stocked & steeped in my rotation of liquids. 5*

  9. Simon Taylor

    WOW, just as i remember… if not BETTER. Don’t dive in too quick, give it the time it needs to steep (i found 3 weeks perfect) and you will be rewarded with the classic Lemon Tart we all know and love. 5*

  10. David Watts

    Outrageously good. Made better that it’s cheaper than buying the 10ml bottles. 5*

  11. Phillip B

    Top quality, you wont be disappointed with this, but let is steep for 3 weeks at least.

  12. Tracey

    Brilliant flavour and vendor to buy from. Always in stock and sometimes on offer. Wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

  13. Anthony

    Extremely good flavour. Great price and my orders always arrive within 48 hours. 5*

  14. Jay

    Guaranteed to make you go Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  15. Ray

    This used to be my ADV a few years ago, loved the stuff but moved into DIY. Until recently i see it was available in DIY and dived straight in and ordered some. No word of a lie, i haven’t been able to put it down since. Just as good as i remember, if not better. 5*

  16. Robert

    Better than i remember, but that could be down to the fact that i make it myself. DIY always tastes better in my opinion.

  17. James1

    Does not get better than this flavour when it comes to vaping. It’s the king! Even better now i can DIY it, as it’s expensive to buy pre-made shop stuff. 5*

  18. Mary

    One word – YUMMY!

  19. George

    Used to be a treat for me to have this, but now i make my own, it is literally all i vape. You can see why it’s so popular, The flavour is perfection. 5*

  20. Warren

    Fantastic as always. It is all i vape nowadays. 5*

  21. Tracey J

    Love this stuff and always buy my vape supplies from here. Good value and quick service. 5*

  22. Nicholas

    Good every time.

  23. Paul

    Great flavour, hadnt had it for some time but fell in love with it after only 1 tank. 5*

  24. Ryan

    The best lemon tart there is!

  25. Jay

    A flavour to which i will never tire! 5*

  26. Gregg

    Spectacular! One of the best flavours/vapes that there is. 5*

  27. Rami

    Amazing vape juice and great value. 5*

  28. Conor

    All time favorite juice. 5*

  29. Sean

    Quick delivery and good price. 5*

  30. Steve

    Love it, vaped nothing else for months now.

  31. Chris (verified owner)

    This is been my favourite e-liquid ever since the people at dinner lady came out with it and it won the best E-liquid of (I think 2016) could be wrong with the date but who cares the liquid speaks for itself. Been looking for a mix or a clone to replicate the original for years as I begrudge to pay the amount what they ask for in the shops. So THANK YOU DINNER LADY FOR FINALLY MAKING A CONCENTRATE 5 OUT 5 STARS ON THE MIX and thank you Alchemist cupboard for stocking it

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