Flavor West Mango (Natural)

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Explore the world of mangoes with Flavor West Mango (Natural), an e-liquid flavored cigarillo that’ll put you in a tropical state of mind.

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Taste the tropical delight of fresh mangos with Flavor West Mango (Natural) e-juice. You’ll feel as if you can almost smell a freshly sliced mango floating through your nose and mouth, feeling juicier than a ripe little baby just plucked from its parent’s stem. Did we mention how delicious it tastes too?

Make your mango e-juice taste better with this natural flavor extract

Flavor West Mango, a tropical-sweet vape juice flavor, easily satisfies your craving. Unlike other fruit flavors, Flavor West crisps up the exotic taste with just enough natural mango to give it that sweet and sour zing you’re looking for in a fruity delight. Using only the highest quality ingredients to produce this irresistible mango-flavored e-juice, Flavor West goes far beyond expectations when it comes to providing customers with something special and unexpected.
Flavor West is proud of their high nicotine content which produces rich vapor on-demand with great throat hit—making this an all-around favorite among vapers the world over. With more than 4% of our juice clocking in as certified organic or environmentally friendly ingredients, we continue to

Flavour West is all about crafting high-quality flavors that’ll satisfy your every craving. It starts with selectively sourced, natural flavorings to ensure the best taste possible – just like Grandma’s home-cooking! Choose from Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry!
With their wide variety of tobacco blends partnered up with sophisticated flavor profiles you could spend hours browsing their website; but what will you choose? Something sweet to give you an extra boost of energy or fruity for a really refreshing experience? Don’t worry they’ve got you covered.
So what are you waiting for? Get in there and explore these premium e liquids today!

Flavour West  flavour concentrates from California USA offer a wide range of artificial & Natural flavours.

Flavour West concentrates are made from high quality ingredients, standard usages of around 10-20%.

Warning: If used for DIY E-Liquids -These concentrates need to be mixed with PG or VG before vaping. Do not attempt to vape these concentrates on their own.

Natural mango flavor offers a fantastic sweet taste of a fresh tropical mango newly picked from a tree; it is good for beverages, baked treats, smoothies, beer, milkshakes and ice cream. Unique tastes of the tropical delightful mango flavor your family and friends will love. Please Note: Flavor is highly concentrated (Shake well before use). Type: Mango All Natural Water Soluble Flavoring. Ingredient: Natural Flavoring, Propylene Glycol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Usage Rate: 15-20% for E-use. Flavor suitability: Suitable for beverages, baked treats, smoothies, beer, milkshakes, ice cream and much more. Specific Gravity: 1.13 No Refunds on Flavoring.

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Part Number FW-NMAG
Flavor/Aroma Mango
Color Clear
Storage Instructions Store in a cool (68° – 77° F) dry place out of direct sunlight.
Country Of Origin USA
Density at 77F 9.33 lbs./gallon

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Weight 0.05 kg
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10ml, 30ml

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  1. John (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a mango for a recipe, look no further than this, easily the best mango concentrate for flavour!

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