Energy Ice Nicotine Salts


But ENERGY ICE Nicotine Salts changes that! You will now feel the same sensation as before, without any of the side effects you might have previously experienced with other products.

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Energy Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Dr Frost is like a frozen lightning bolt to the system. Your favourite Energy Drink flavours churned up with Ice and forged into this spine-tingling Vape, delivered over smooth Salt Nicotine, You won’t believe the taste, Quenching the mouth and finishing on an Icy high.

Every smoker knows that the two things worse than smoking are quitting- then maybe not quitting. There’s no easy way to go about it either; you can’t smoke, use an alternative (aka quit), and then wait for cravings to subside. Nor can you indulge occasionally like regular smokers do with cigarettes or cigars since nicotine salts lend themselves only to a constant supply of nicotine.
Quitting is hard enough without all these little obstacles in your way; we at Energy Ice want nothing more than for the process to be as smooth and painless as possible, and we believe our product will make a significant contribution towards this goal: everyone deserves what they need when trying their best not to need something else anymore! That’s why we created Energy Ice

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