TFA Crème de Menthe

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TFA Crème de Menthe goes down smooth, adding a refreshing minty twist to any customer’s vaping experience! This all-purpose vape juice is made for mixing with other flavors of your choosing.

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This product is the best crème de menthe e-juice you will ever taste! The flavor will blow your mind and it’s perfect, as a dessert vape or to help with those sweet tooth cravings.
Aroma: there is a pleasant aroma of fresh spearmint leaves on the first opening. All TFA products are odorless and their producing agents (PG and VG) don’t have an impact on flavors like alcohol does. Smoke: superior thick cloud production leaving throat hitting sensation with light throat feeler from nicotine content E-liquid recipes: this flawless, clear liquid gives an impressive appearance in vape safe electronic cigarettes that deliver robust satisfaction Products for food recipes centers around desserts at B&M stores across America.

How to Make a Good TFA Crème de Menthe E Liquid for Beginners?

The TFA Crème de Menthe is a smooth, refreshing burst of flavor that captures subtle hints of mint and caramel. Unlike other menthol vapes on the market, this sweet-yet-cool concentrate won’t have you clearing your throat every time you take a hit. The TFA Crème de Menthe vape juice will leave a long-lasting cool breath at the back of your palate so even when the next unsuspecting bystander walks right up to you, they won’t forget what it feels like to be surrounded by real fresh air from nature!
If for any reason you’re not lovin’ our TFA Crème de Menthe e-juice but you still get dry throat or cough from vaping instead of smoking

Do you find yourself needing a change in taste for your vape juice recipes? Adding Crème de Menthe to your existing recipe will not only provide more of an enjoyable, sweet flavor like chocolate pudding, but it also smells like vanilla ice cream. As with any TFA flavour, there are endless options to add to a basic e-liquid so experiment and see what you come up with! The long-lasting vapor cloud is full of sugar cane goodness that can’t be found elsewhere.

Water soluble.

A fresh, minty and cool taste.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

TFA is a division of the famous The Perfumer Apprentice (TPA) company, which since 2004 have produced various ranges of flavour concentrates for use in multiple industry’s for a multitude of uses. This brand (TFA) has gained a lot of trust and admiration among vapers and DIY enthusiasts alike, all around the world.

These concentrates can generally be used from around 10-15% in the making of your liquids, but each favour has a different intensity, whereas some may need a touch more… some may need a touch or so less. The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) concentrates are food safe and they can also be used for baking, candys, sodas, or any other edible application.

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2 reviews for TFA Crème de Menthe

  1. Susan (verified owner)

    Quite strong, but very nice. I only mixed it up at 10% and gave a lovely creamy menthol flavour.

  2. jjhatfield (verified owner)

    Great Flavour. I mix with Capella vanilla ice-cream and Sweet & Confectionary mint-choc ice-cream for a nice minty ice cream flavour. Adding some other flavours to enhance it works well too, like spearmint, chocolate, vanilla and/or cream concentrate.

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