Coconut Caramel & Hazelnut Honey 30ml Concentrate

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Coconut Caramel Hazelnut Honey E-Liquid Concentrate offers smooth coconut & rich velvety caramel entwines with a touch of hazelnut & honey

Mix at 20% – Steep for 3 weeks

*If you require 50ml or 100ml sizes, please see our NEW DELUXE SHOTS


Coconut Caramel Hazelnut Honey E-Liquid Concentrate 30ml, One-Shot flavouring.

*If you require 50ml or 100ml sizes, please see our NEW DELUXE SHOTS

For 50ml of concentrate, Please select the 250ml size, which contains 50ml of concentrate. For 100ml of Concentrate, Please select the 500ml size, Which contains 100ml of concentrate.

Coconut Caramel Hazelnut Honey E-Liquid Concentrate, Mmmmmmm…..All we are going to say about this is, It is our constant All Time Top Selling E-Liquid for a very good reason! A smooth coconut & rich velvety caramel entwines with a touch of hazelnut & honey makes for a flavour to savour.

If you like smooth subtle flavours, you should love this one, a very smooth coconut and caramel with a touch of hazelnut on the inhale, the honey adds depth to those flavours making it very smooth and tasty… leaving a delicate taste of coconut & Honey in the mouth after the exhale.

.”Very Highly Recommended” one of the Alchemists all day vapes for over 8 years!


The Alchemist’s Tip – Mix at 20% – Steep for 3 weeks

All Alchemists Cupboard Deluxe Concentrates are PG based and intended for the home user. Strength of flavour is always at the users preference.

Please read the mixing guide available here


Artificial & Natural Flavours, Mono-Propylene Glycol.


  • This is a concentrated flavouring to be mixed in a DIY E-Liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting.

There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

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34 reviews for Coconut Caramel & Hazelnut Honey 30ml Concentrate

  1. Lisa Sherman

    Still the best. I vaped this flavour Eliquid for a year before I made my own, now I make it myself and don’t vape anything else, I Couldn’t have given the fags up without this flavour. So glad my friend recommended this company to me. Great service and I can’t speak for other flavours as I only use this, but if you like Carmel or coconut you will adore this. Thanks alchemist

  2. Richard Knowles

    Now I know what all the fuss is about. A couple of friends recommend this as they used to buy the Eliquid many moons ago, now being mixers and myself just getting into mixing, I was recommend this and told I probably would never vape any other flavour again, their not wrong. I can put my finger on one aspect of flavour, but the combination works wonderfully well. Amazingly well in fact, wouldn’t have been one id of chosen without the recommendation, but I can’t speak highly of this juice and if you haven’t tried this at all… Get some and you too will see what all the fuss is about! 5 stars

  3. Tara

    It’s hard to put your finger on why this juice is so good, as it’s not one specific flavour you can pick out or define. But the taste you get is simply divine. The combination makes for this taste that just keeps you going back for more. you can kind of taste each individual flavour at times, but I think it’s simply sweetness and combinations that makes this juice so bloody amazing. Been making DIY E-Liquid for around 8 months and there’s no doubt this is the best flavour I’ve tried and as luck would have it, it was the first I purchased from these guys!

  4. Doreen green

    this flavour is amazing!
    I adored this flavour in pre-made liquid by the alchemist, but when I started making my own to save some money… I tried all sorts, now I’m on my 3rd purchase of this juice as I simply can not get enough! The best Vape I have ever tasted and now I make it myself for a fraction of the cost!
    Great work Alchemist my all day Vape!

  5. Sam Jones

    A classic juice that I will never tire of.
    The first liquid I tried 4 years ago when starting vaping, now I’m making my own, it’s still as good as that first time. Perfection!

  6. Jordie

    If I could only choose one flavour to Vape until the end of time… It would be this.

  7. Jack Richards

    it doesn’t get better than this… 100%.

  8. Derik

    A couple of friends recommended this to me….. I genuinely didn’t think it would be this good. Its like a mix of bounty and twix for me and a flavour i just cant put down. If you like a liquid with lots of depth and flavour, this is certainly the juice for you.

  9. Tommy

    This is all I have vaped for over 3 years and can honestly see me vaping nothing else for the next 30 years. Words cant even describe how good it is.

  10. Sue

    A Heavenly Creation!!

    I purchased this off the back of online/forum reviews, I have a sweet tooth but not for sweet artificial fruit juices, more for sickly dessert type flavours, mainly to stop me actually eating naughty things! This juice suppressed the craving perfectly. Its a wonderful flavour that lingers, although the coconut is at the forefront it is the pleasant mixture of nuts and caramel that makes this such a stand out juice to me. The flavour entwines and works perfectly with one another. Keen to try more from this vendor after such a great first experience.

  11. Chris

    It just doesn’t get better than this. If heaven was a vape it would be this juice. Mixed at 80-20 (20%) and a 4 week steep takes this vape to another level. I made 500ml for Christmas and usually after that amount of one juice i’m ready for change, it was quite the opposite with this, i immediately missed it and am back for more. the only pain is i have to wait 4 weeks for it steep.
    5 * Flavor Concentrate

  12. Bex

    There has never been a more heavenly vape than this. AMEN!

  13. Anthony

    Excellent quality vaping products, with this being my out right favorite juice of all time.

  14. Morris Arnold

    Just doesn’t get better than this…. and it goes to show that the old ones are still the best. This was my first ever vape juice, now i make my own its still my go to flavour and one i will never tire of.

  15. Max

    Come wind, rain or shine, The one certainty is this is loaded in my tank. Just inst another flavour that does it for me like this one. 5*

  16. Stuart.Wallace

    This is ridiculously good, flavours work so so well with each other and the result is beautiful. Lots of people at work have commented on the pleasant aroma it leaves in a room. I tell them it tastes even better, and boy does it. My new ADV. 5*

  17. Reece Taylor

    One of the best DIY concentrate’s available on the market. Great flavour, excellent quality and always has people asking what that beautiful smell is whilst vaping it. 5*

  18. Mike67

    The main reason (flavour wise) i use The Alchemist and have done for over 5 years is because of this flavour. Without doubt the best flavour i have ever vaped, its not my only liquid as i like variety and something fruity in the morning, but it is always loaded in a tank and close by for when i’m ready for my daily dose, soon as i swap over to it (usually with a lunch time cuppa) its the only juice i vape for the rest of the day.

  19. Nick

    Nothing compares to the deliciousness this flavour delivers. Outstanding on every level.

  20. Donna

    My all time Favourite vape juice. more than hits the spot.

  21. Mark T

    I love Caramel Fudge as a sweet, so when I saw this flavour paired with coconut, I could hardly wait to try it! Beautifully rich & sweet. This is one of my favourites.

  22. Seb

    It just doesn’t get any better than this. Superb flavour. Every puff tastes a little bit different without getting away from the deliciousness of the Coconut & Caramel forefront flavour. Great on my coils and not sickly sweet. 5*

  23. Colin

    Nothing comes close to offering such a delicious, well crafted flavouring. My all day every day vape for 2+ years. Mixed at 25% it oozes deep flavour.

  24. Deano9

    Easily one of the best flavours i have vaped. Very complex and ridiculously tasty. 5*

  25. Melissa

    Very nice, a new favourite. Fabulous taste, would highly recommend

  26. Diane

    Easy to see why these guys say its their best seller. Very impressed with the level of flavour, and the way it changes. haven’t been able to put it down since i started it last weekend. 5*

  27. Tony

    The only reason i shop here is for this juice, absolutely amazing. I use it as my little treat in the evening, to stop me raiding the sweet tin. 5*

  28. Susan

    Excellent *****

  29. Sharron

    Service is excellent. And this Flavour is a must have for me. My all day vape for 3+ years. 5* as always

  30. Brian

    This juice has it all, incredible flavour that changes on every puff. Mixed at 25% its as close as i can get it to the TAC E-Liquid, also takes a good 4 week steep to reach its best, but after all that, you will have one of the best vape flavours around. 5*

  31. Trev

    I used to vape this and only this when i first started, not used it for a couple of years since i moved into mixing my own, why i don’t know. It was a wonderful blast from the past and i’m hooked once again. I think its got better than i remember, but that may be down to fact i used to buy 12mg and now i’m down to 3mg, makes for a better flavour. The caramel combine beautifully with the coconut and the dash of honey just finishes the whole thing off perfectly. You wont be disappointed with this i can assure you. 5*

  32. Jason

    The real deal, a flavour that has everything. Mixed at 25% on TAC’s recommendation and after 2-3 weeks you’ll be loving it.

  33. Katy-Louise

    Fantastic! It’s such a tasty flavour. Coconut & Caramel combine with a touch of Nut + Honey to make an utterly delicious vape. 5*

  34. Melissa

    I would go as far to say, this is my favourite vape of all time! 5*

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