Capella Juicy Peach Flavour Concentrate

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Capella Juicy Peach: delicious taste of fresh peach, the aroma bursts with sweet, juicy flavour. Great for Vapes, desserts and homemade ice cream.

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Capella Juicy Peach flavour concentrate is a multipurpose flavour that increases fruitiness. This will increase your vape juices’ overall fruit flavours and aromas while still retaining the original taste of what you are trying to recreate. It is perfect for making eliquids or DIY (Do it Yourself) products as well as refreshing desserts, adding complexity to deserts, infusing liquids with smoothness and delicious flavours, foodies for aroma makers in their kitchens.

The best  Multipurpose Capella Juicy Peach Flavour Concentrate for the love of fruits

The aroma of Capella Juicy Peach Flavour Concentrate is full bodied with an inviting sweet top note from ripe fresh peaches. It has a strong fruity body that has sweet yet tart notes but will not clog coils or gunk up vape pens. The taste is true to its name with hints of spices captured in the sweetness of ripe fruit.

it is perfect for gourmet chefs creating deserts by adding JUICY PEACH pure extract concentrate to milk or cream ingredients while keeping all natural ingredients in their dishes

About Capella Flavours

All the flavour lineup from Capella Flavours comes along with no fat, preservatives and calories. Capella Flavour is food grade highly concentrated, deeply aromatic and free of any stabilizers providing you the all natural flavours that are water soluble and can be used as multi-purpose flavouring.
Note :They DO NOT contain Diacetyl, artificial sweeteners, sugars, sweet’n’low, Splenda, saccharine, aspartame, caffeine or sodium & are corn, gluten and peanut derivative free.
It is the user’s responsibility to complete their own research to determine safe uses .
By purchasing Capella Juicy Peach Flavour  the user accepts all liability for any loss, injury, damage or expense resulting from use of this product.
All Capella Falours Are 100% PG Based

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2 reviews for Capella Juicy Peach Flavour Concentrate

  1. Dale Reid (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, and if you really like you peach you will enjoy it, but when used in a mix, kind of dominates the other flavours, even at real low inclusions. Can’t knock it, just not for me.

  2. stephenfosbrook (verified owner)

    Received promptly and mixed tonight ready for a steep. One issue that i noticed however are the dates on the bottle. Bottled 1/11/21 use by 1/11/22?
    I dont mind paying the price, but if the best before date is only five and half months after purchase i think you should be lowering the price as it has been sat on your shelf for 6 and half months??? Not he first time either but thought i would give you the benefit of the doubt last time. Come on Alchemist, i have literally spent hundreds of pounds with you over the past 3 or 4 years! This is very poor? I await your response?.

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