Capella Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Flavour Concentrate


What goes wrong when you mix chocolate, doughnuts, and sprinkles? A mind blowing flavour experience with this Capella concentrate. Your tongue will be wagging for more after every vape you take!

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for the Capella Chocolate Glazed Doughnut flavour lover who has been looking for a perfect tasting, intensely decadent vape without any of the hassles. All you have to do is add one single ingredient and turn it into your own special recipe that will be all yours and no one else’s!

Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Flavour Concentrate By Capella:

A classic doughnut flavour with a hint of vanilla extract and just the right amount of rich and decadent chocolate. This authentic flavour is reminiscent of that first bite, when the fluffy dough meets a luscious layer of smooth chocolate icing.
Perfect for vapes or vape juice recipes and DIY E-cigarette flavours, this dessert concentrate’s sweet aroma will fill an entire room tantalizing taste buds as soon as it hits the coils. The Capella Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Flavour Concentrate is easy to use with its ready-to-use liquid formula–simply add into any 100%VG liquids for your daily dose of pastry goodness!

About Capella Flavours

All the flavor lineup from Capella Flavours comes along with no fat, preservatives and calories. Capella Flavour is food grade highly concentrated, deeply aromatic and free of any stabilizers providing you the all natural flavours that are water soluble and can be used as multi-purpose flavouring.
Note :They DO NOT contain Diacetyl, artificial sweeteners, sugars, sweet’n’low, Splenda, saccharine, aspartame, caffeine or sodium & are corn, gluten and peanut derivative free.
It is the user’s responsibility to complete their own research to determine safe uses .
By purchasing Capella Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Flavour  the user accepts all liability for any loss, injury, damage or expense resulting from use of this product.



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