Blood Of Vikings – Drip Hacks Concentrate


it’s the premium juice that only those who dare to go beyond were able to find in the first place.
It comes out smoothly with one short drip from this unique bottle!

Blood Of Vikings Drip Hacks Concentrate is the perfect way to spice up your life. It’s the best list for vape beginners but also great for multipurpose use. This product offers flavoursome recipes such as e-liquids, food recipes, and flavourings which will add even more excitement to your life!

Blood Of Vikings Drip Hacks Concentrate has just created another extraordinary e-liquid with their Blood Of Viking’s concoction. The rich rhubarb and custard flavor will leave you in awe as well as working to satiate your cravings, entirely free of nicotine. Blood Of Vikings Drip Hacks flavour is smooth on the palate and sure to delight no matter what device you are vaping it on – be it in your ecig mod or even one of our crafty drippers.

Blood Of Vikings Drip Hacks Concentrate

Experience the taste of blood from an ancient time when all men were Vikings!

Blood Of Vikings Drip Hacks Concentrate is a deliciously rich rhubarb and custard that has become a staple of the Drip Hacks family. This unique e-liquid will leave you wanting more! It also contains no nicotine, so those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes can get their fix without becoming addicted to nicotine. This flavor has an aroma that will have your mouth watering the moment you smell it!
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Flavour Profile:- Rhubarb and custard


  • 6 week steeping period
  • Doesn’t contain Menthol or WS-23
  • Relatively Sweet
  • Mix at 20-25%


About Blood Of Vikings – Drip Hacks Concentrate

Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, we built ourselves a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence. It is our mission to provide users with the best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is adapted and improved whenever possible.  It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks are able to provide some of the best DIY  E-Liquid Concentrate products around.

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10ml, 30ml


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