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Alchemy Arts Concentrate are re-branded concentrates originating from Italy, by an industry leading flavour manufacturer Flavour Art.


Alchemy Arts Concentrate are re-branded concentrates originating from Italy, by an industry leading flavour manufacturer Flavour Art.

Alchemy Arts are highly concentrated flavourings and enhancers. Although they can be used as standalone flavours, using small inclusions in recipes can offer best results. Please use carefully and follow the percentage advisory’s below, these are MUCH stronger than other flavours offered within our magical cupboard and deliver amazing flavour.


  • This is a highly concentrated flavouring to be mixed in a DIY e-liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting.
  • The Manufacture suggests mixing their concentrates at an initial 3% and then adjusting accordingly to suit taste.
  • The Alchemist recommends standalone usages between 3-7% and inclusions towards recipes between 1-3%
  • All of the Alchemy Art concentrates are PG based.
  • Alchemy Arts concentrates are re-branded and re-bottled by The Alchemists Cupboard Ltd

There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

Some concentrates (from any flavour manufacturer), can cause cracking or frosting in polycarbonate (plastic) tanks.

Some concentrates (from any flavour manufacturer) that contain natural flavours (usually fruit flavours) can separate slightly. As with any e liquid components, we recommend that you conduct your own research and decide which ingredients to use accordingly.

* Custard Premium – This flavor contains Diacetyl (D) and/or related diketones.

**Other Than Custard Premium, all other Alchemy Art concentrates do not contain Diacetyl or related Diketones, including Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, alcohol, sugars, protein, genetically modified ingredients, animal ingredients of any kind, preservatives, caffeine, sweeteners or colours. They are all gluten and peanut free, suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans.


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Anise, Apple Fuji, Apple Pie, Banana, Bavarian Cream, Bitter Wizard, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Butterscotch, Caramel, Catalan Cream, Cherry, Citrus Mix, Coconut, Cookie, Cornish Cream Tea, Cream Fresh, Custard, Custard Premium *(D), Flash, Forrest Fruits, Florida Key Lime, Fresh Orange Juice, Graham Crust, Grape Concord, Grape White, Grapefruit, Hazelnut, Juicy Strawberry, Lemon Sicily, Lime (cold-pressed), Mango, Mangosteen, Marshmallow, Marzipan, Menthol Arctic, Meringue, Nonnas Cake, New York Cheesecake, Passionfruit, Peach, Pear, Peppermint, Pineapple, Polar ice blast, Raspberry, Sour Wizard, Spearmint, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry (Red Touch), Summer Cloud, Tutti-Frutti, Vanilla Custard, Vanilla Tahity, Vanilla Ice Cream, Vape Wizard- MTS, Vienna Cream, Vim-tonic, Watermelon, White Peach

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  1. tryptych (verified owner)

    Tastes like baby powder. Yuck.

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