SKE Crystal Disposable Vape

Every scrumptious puff from SKE Crystal Disposable Vapes’ stylish, portable, and disposable Crystal Bar leaves you feeling smooth and energised. The Crystal Vape Bar has a special built streamlined and comfortable mouthpiece that consistently gives the user a smooth and pleasurable draw. Each bar of the Crystal Vape Bar can produce up to 600 flavourful puffs.

The perfect vape for anyone looking to use a disposable device that delivers a delectable taste and gives you a small kickstart to your day with each draw is this disposable vape, which is offered in a wide variety of colours and tantalisingly delicious flavours, all with a nicotine salt 20mg strength.

Each SKE Crystal Disposable Vape contains nicotine, which will satisfy your cravings while giving you satisfying hits with every inhale. These disposables have a mesh coil mechanism that is specially made for the Crystal Bar and has a distinctive style. Because they are small enough to carry in your pocket or handbag, they are also ideal for vaping while on the go.

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