Flavor West Yogurt


Yogurt flavor offers a plain taste of yogurt. This flavor delivers a great fusion that leaves your taste bud satisfied.

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Flavor West Yogurt was originally created for Flavor West, but it quickly became a fantastic stand-alone product. This flavorful yogurt is lightly sweetened with cane sugar and contains a delicious vanilla flavor!

Flavor West Yogurt is a multipurpose flavoring

Flavor West is the key to unlocking your kinks and quirks, so order your Flavor West now.
Flavor West offers flavorings for all sorts of icky flavors that ex-smokers find themselves missing. It does not pick up any other flavors. And it doesn’t require any special training to use either! Every product’s recommended cooking temperature is included on its packaging -so no more ruining a perfectly good casserole with too high or too low temperatures!

for flavor west yogurt lover -especially to make the perfect smoked cream for all your other favorite foods.
a lighter, more robust vapor juice with a cereal-like taste rather than creamy/cakey, good for people who crave big flavors over subtlety. it’s absolutely fantastic blended up in some berries or anything else fruity. less sweet, but no bitterness either- very natural fruit-forward yogurt flavor that tastes like real milk without giving you any of the calories! use these staples in your kitchen to cook healthy breakfasts and satisfying desserts alike.


Description – Flavour West  flavour concentrates from California USA offer a wide range of artificial & Natural flavours.

Flavour West concentrates are made from high quality ingredients, standard usages of around 10-20%.

Warning: If used for DIY E-Liquids -These concentrates need to be mixed with PG or VG before vaping. Do not attempt to vape these concentrates on their own.

Yogurt flavor offers a plain taste of yogurt. This flavor delivers a great fusion that leaves your taste bud satisfied. Type: Yogurt Water soluble flavoring. Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Propylene Glycol and Ethanol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Usage Rate: 15-20% for E-use. Flavor suitability: Desserts, cakes, pastries, ice creams smoothies, drinks, beverages, baked treats and more. Specific Gravity: 1.04 No Refunds of Flavoring.

More Information
Part Number FW-GUT
Flavor/Aroma Yogurt
Color Clear Yellow
Storage Instructions Store in a cool (68° – 77° F) dry place out of direct sunlight.
Country Of Origin USA
Density at 77F 8.62 lbs./gallon

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Weight 0.05 kg
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10ml, 30ml


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