Biscuit Boss Cinnamon-Apple Crème Biscuit Concentrate

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The perfect accompaniment for your breakfast sandwich or pork sausage biscuit, Biscuit Boss Cinnamon-Apple Crème Biscuit Concentrate is also great in your coffee! An all-purpose powerhouse of a flavor that’ll bring out the best in any baked goods.







Cinnamon-Apple Crème Biscuit Concentrate ‘One shot’ concentrates have been uniquely crafted & formulated to create “The Perfect Vape” to accompany the hot drink in your life. So if you like a lot of flavour with you vape…. Join the Biscuit Bosses Club.

With 7 amazing flavours, Biscuit Boss offers something for everyone. These bold buttery sandwich biscuits are made even more luscious with your preferred creme filling, Choose from Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Cinnamon-Apple, Caramel & Coffee, & Ice Cream

Biscuit Boss ‘One-Shot’ concentres are 50ml & designed for usages between 18-25% (Subjective to preferential levels of taste) so each bottle will make around 200-250ml of E-Liquid when mixed with your preferred base.

Suitable for both sub-ohm mixes & conventional 50-50 mixes.

We advise a Minimum 3-week steep on all Biscuit Boss concentrates (See additional information for specific flavour information)

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol based natural and/or nature identical flavourings, extracts and essences, designed for the use in the genetic make-up of E-Liquids.

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50 ml

4 reviews for Biscuit Boss Cinnamon-Apple Crème Biscuit Concentrate

  1. Babs

    I really like the cinnamon mixed with the apple in this liquid and the longer it steeps the better you can taste the cream coming through. Cant wait to try the others in this range now.

  2. David


  3. Gareth

    Really enjoyable flavour. Good balance of all apple cinnamon and biscuit. 5*

  4. Mr Mccormac

    Good flavour when you find the sweet spot on the steep. Mixed at 20% – 60/40 and was perfect. Nice strong apple & cinnamon biscuit flavour. But this was after 3 weeks of painfully steeping. Tried it after a week and felt it needed more time, week 2 was almost there but not so much biscuit, week 3 and it was like a taste sensation, it all cam together beautifully. 5*

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