TFA Rice Crunchies Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


Rice Crunchies Flavour Concentrate Flavouring from The Flavor Apprentice. Make your own E-Liquids and Snacks! You can even cook a meal with this one-of-a-kind flavouring.

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TFA Rice Crunchies Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is called a multipurpose flavor! It’s not only used in recipes for vape juices, e-liquid, and food, but also in flavoring aromas. This flavour has a light and crispy rice taste that will literally make your mouth water. The way it mixes with other snacks is simply unreal. You can add the mix to any type of snack from brownies to hot cocoa mix for an extra bit of something special! Get creative when you use TFA Rice Crunchies Flavor Concentrate because there are endless possibilities when creating new concoctions by adding your favorite flavors to this tasty treat set create diverse blends for both baking lovers and sweet tooth experts alike!

TFA Rice Crunchies Flavour Concentrate Flavouring for Vaping

TFA Rice Crunchies Flavour Concentrate Flavouring may not be a practical ingredient for baking or making food, but it’s fun to experiment with these flavours in e-liquid recipes and vape juices. Try adding rice cereal crunch flavour to your best-loved fruit liquids for a new twist on an old favourite – or even use this as an ice cream mix flavour! But the idea doesn’t stop there: why not give your fresh-baked croissants a savoury twist by using this delicious flavouring? Or take your drink game up a notch and enhance your cocktail repertoire with the addition of some fruity TFA Rice Crunchies Flavour Concentrate Flavouring. You could also use this versatile concentrate as something else entirely –

This flavourful concentrate is high in aroma and gives a strong smokey flavor to make any recipe taste as good as possible. Made from versatile ingredients you can use it with all sorts of recipes from vapes, e-liquids, teas, lotions, etc.
Be creative!

Water Soluble.

A sweet toasted rice cereal Flavour!

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

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