Screw It ICE – Lolly Vape Co Concentrate


The taste of this vape juice is out-of-this-world delicious. It tastes like an original cocktail smoothie. The sweetness of the lollipop flavor is addicting, and you’ll enjoy its refreshing flavors on hot summer evenings or after a long, hard day at work.

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Screw It ICE – Lolly Vape Co Concentrate is a soft Whipped Ice Cream, swirled with raspberry sauce. Not forgetting that chewy bubble-gum at the bottom. Now with a Glacier cold Inhale/Ehale.

Screw it, you can have your cake and ice cream too! Screw It ICE is a lolly vape concentrate from the Lolly Vape Co. This tasty vape flavor covers the full spectrum of dessert flavors – sweet strawberry kiwi, cool coconut watermelon, light taro root cotton candy. Try to resist that fresh-from-the-freezer taste with this intensely yummy product that will have everyone saying “Screw It” when vaping even more enjoyable than traditional desserts. Case included!

Benefits: your muscles get relaxed. This will take away any pain in your shoulder joints or lower back, making every day more tolerable than before! With Screw It ICE – Lolly Vape Co Concentrate you can get fresher breath anytime without worrying about that gross smell that follows it all day long around people who smoke cigarettes or vaporizer pens with cheap oil without high potency levels. Whether you’re looking for an awesome

Mix at 20% – Steep for 14 day minimum

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